A Bed Wedge Helps With Sleep

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    If you're suffering from one of a number of different physical conditions, a bed wedge may really benefit you. Getting adequate sleep is one of the most important things in this world, and so many people suffer from injuries and ailments that make it extremely difficult to sleep.

    A bed wedge will help with these conditions, by allowing the body to sleep in an inclined and raised position. The reasons for considering one are many, and the use of a bed wedge is most beneficial from people suffering from the following conditions that we'll discuss.

    Acid reflux is probably the most popular condition that a wedge or pillow of this nature might remedy. As you know, it's all about the buildup of acids and gases throughout your body, and sleeping on your back or stomach does nothing to aid with this and causes much discomfort.

    By sleeping in an inclined position, your state will be more similar to that which involves you standing upright, allowing for the gases within your body to flow more freely and with less discomfort. Your heartburn will be much less present when you're sleeping with bed wedges as a result.

    The whole theory behind heartburn is that acids from your stomach travel back up your body and into your esophagus, making things extremely uncomfortable in your upper chest and throat area. This won't be possible when you're sleeping at a raised angle.

    A bed wedge pillow is also great for people suffering from a hiatal hernia. As you know, the surface of a flat bed or a firm mattress can be extremely painful if you suffer from a condition like this one.

    Sleeping in the upright position helps out greatly with this, easing or even eliminating all pain whatsoever. Try getting a pillow of this kind for your bed and you'll likely sleep much easier at night.

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