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    There is another type of headache called migraine headache. This type of headache usually starts from the teenage years , and the causes can be traced to the use of alcohol, caffeine or other drugs, neurotransmitters which is changes in the chemical level of the body, coughing, sneezing, dehydration, dental problems like pains, in the grinding of the teeth or from the canal root, eating and drinking cold food and drinks, emotional stress, exposure to smokes or fumes, eyestrain, fever, high altitude, lower oxygen levels, high blood pressure which leads to hypertension,.

    Medicines can cause headaches as well, and many medicines are in this category.

    Though not common, headache may be a sign of a serious illness. When this is the case, the person may notice symptoms like vomiting, dizziness or changes in the vision. Headaches can equally be caused by injuries or illnesses like:

    *A head injury.

    * Injury to the brain,

    * Injury of the skull,

    * Bleeding in or around the brain,

    * Brain tumor, this leads to swelling within the brain.

    * Encephalitis which is an infection of the brain or the membranes surrounding the and the Spinal cord.

    * Stroke, which is a problem that occurs when the arteries that supplies blood to the brain blocks or bursts or is blocked by a blood clot.

    * A rupture of the blood vessels with bleeding in or around the brain.


    There are other negative health conditions that can contribute to headache, and some of them are listed below.

    * FIBROMYALGIA: This is a condition that is responsible for widespread muscle and soft tissue pains and tenderness.

    * GLAUCOMA: This is an eye disease that damages the nerves and back of the eye.

    * HYPERTENSION: This is an offshoot high blood pressure.

    * HYPAGLYCEMIA: This is also known as high blood sugar and its twin brother is called HYPOGLYCEMIA which is low blood sugar.

    * ARTHRITIS: This is the appearance of lupus, giant cell arthritis and other inflammatory problems.

    * Waste build up in the blood as a result of kidney problems.

    * Hypocalcemia ie low calcium level in the blood or over activity of the gland that helps control the release of calcium into the blood (hyperparathyroidism)

    * LYME DISEASE: This is an infection caused by bacteria which spreads by some kinds of ticks.

    * Anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

    * Preeclampsia, severe high blood pressure that occurs during pregnancy.

    * Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

    Review the emergencies and check your symptoms sections to determine if and when you need to consult your doctor. Indeed, headache can be a serious problem if it is left unattended to.

    Source by Eze Ikechukwu


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