Beating Hypertension With a Healthy Lifestyle

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    Have you ever noticed that more often than not, today’s modern workplace finds you rushing through deadlines while stuck in front of your computer? When your lunch break comes along you see yourself finding solace in a comforting hamburger, large soda and fries combo. Munching away seems to bring you a measure of relief, but soon enough you find yourself going back to the rat race – glued to your seat while finishing deadline after deadline.

    This scenario is your typical modern workplace lifestyle, which unfortunately is devoid of any exercise, healthy food choices and worse – increased propensity for life-threatening diseases like hypertension.

    Fortunately, hypertension is pretty much preventable and, if already afflicted with it, is also curable. All it takes is to nurture a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. The first step to the right direction is to learn about hypertension, its different facets, and how to effectively combat it. Essentially, hypertension is a disease that can be countered and prevented through a proper lifestyle founded on exercise and the right diet

    What is hypertension?

    The Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (JNC 7) defines high blood pressure, or more popularly known as hypertension, as blood pressure 140/90 or higher.

    Complications of hypertension

    Leaving hypertension unchecked will cause a whole lot of health problems in the future. Basically, uncontrolled hypertension can cause the force of blood to damage the arterial wall, which in turn can make it easier for cholesterol particles to adhere to them. Over the course of time, plaque can form, which can narrow or block blood flow to different parts of the body.

    If unchecked, this can make you more prone to the following complications: coronary artery disease, heart enlargement, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, among others.

    How to beat hypertension

    While the effects of hypertension seem scary, you can rest hopeful that some lifestyle changes can make a huge difference and pay dividends for your future well-being and quality of life.

    Essentially, what you have to remember is to cut down on the food and activities that are detrimental to you, while at the same time, increase those that should have a positive impact on your health.

    Cutting down on unhealthy habits

    Reducing some activities can pay huge dividends towards a healthier you. In your diet, be mindful of how much salty food you eat daily. Excessive sodium consumption could lead in many heart-related complications in the future.

    Stopping smoking is another good lifestyle modification you could look into. Nicotine can increase your chances of stroke and heart disease since it increases your blood pressure. Similarly, limiting alcohol consumption to not more than two drinks per day is also a big help.

    Doing more of this beats hypertension

    The goal of lifestyle modification is that your weight. To do so, you must replace your junk food-laden diet with more healthy choices such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain and protein (in the form of fresh meats). Consider the DASH eating plan, which stands for “dietary approaches to stop hypertension,” as your guide towards healthy eating. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise four times a week or 45 minutes of intensive exercise three times a week should do the trick.

    More than these tips, it is also very important to learn how to react positively to stress. A touch of yoga or meditation can help form a positive outlook, which can have a considerable effect on your lifestyle.

    Source by Gillie Sutherland


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