Brain Cancer Radiation Therapy

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    Brain cancer radiation therapy is the process in which a particular form of energy is used to destroy cancerous cells in the body. This treatment is also used to reduce the size of the tumors that are present within the body. This is made possible by the fact that the genetic information on the abnormal cells is eliminated.

    Once this occurs, the cells are no longer able to go through their traditional characteristics of dividing and spreading through the body. The ultimate goal associated with this type of brain cancer treatment is to successfully eliminate the largest number of abnormal cells as possible while not damaging the cells that surround the abnormal ones that are considered to be healthy. Here, you will learn more information pertaining to brain cancer radiation therapy.

    External Therapy

    Individuals that require brain cancer radiation therapy may opt for the external therapy treatment. This type of radiation therapy is made possible by a machine in the external environment of the patient. The technologically advanced machine will emit a large amount of radiation towards the area that the cancer is present.

    Those that choose this type of treatment may have it performed on an outpatient basis. While used in other types of cancer such as those that affect the bladder, the prostate and similar areas, this form of treatment has proven to be highly successful for those suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms associated with brain tumors. There are two subtypes of radiation treatment that is considered to be external. They are “Intraoperative Radiation Therapy” and “Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation”.

    Internal Therapy

    Internal therapy is another type of brain cancer radiation therapy that many doctors and patients agree is highly beneficial in killing cancerous cells and reducing the sizes of tumors within the body. Instead of using a machine that emits radiation, the radiation is typically contained within a container that is often identified as an implant.

    Individuals that engage in this type of treatment are typically admitted to the hospital. This is because of the fact that the implant must be placed within the body so that the medication may start to work against the cancerous cells. Internal therapy is identified by the way that the medication implant is placed in the body. There are two subtypes. The first is called “Interstitial Radiation”. The second type of internal based radiation is identified as “Intracavitary Radiation”.


    Brain cancer radiation therapy has been successful in nine of ten cases. While there are some side effects and symptoms that may be potentially dangerous, this is rare as medical doctors watch the individual undergoing therapy very closely. This means that if any complications come up, they may be dealt with quickly. If you have brain cancer, it is important to ensure that you discuss all of your treatment options with a doctor prior to initiating brain cancer radiation therapy.

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