Can Cancer Be Cured?

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    For years doctors have been saying the cure for cancer is “just around the corner.” Actually, they’ve been saying this for the last 100 years! It’s time to stop and ask why science has made no real progress in finding a cure. What’s being done with the billions spent on research since the National Cancer Act of 1971? Why are we still having cancer walks and dances, etc.? What is being done with the money?

    In the last 40 years there has been no significant progress on a cure for cancers in this country. Rather emphasis continues to be on treating symptoms with expensive radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, something that was already being done well before Nixon’s 1971 cancer act. And statistics show that the incidence of cancer is now higher than ever.

    Let’s face it, the traditional cancer industry is a political and financial creation of big business. Brutal chemotherapy is their “war on cancer,” a billion dollar industry that cannot be stopped. Most doctors who try to stop it are threatened with censure by the American Medical Association (AMA) for treating or curing cancer with most natural remedies. Natural treatments are not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and never will be. Any unlicensed laymen will be prosecuted for advertising or performing any proven natural cancer cure; that would be practicing medicine without a license. So nobody is allowed to cure cancer naturally. Why?

    1. Pharmaceutical companies profit greatly from treatments not cures.

    2. Natural, low-cost treatments work and threaten profits.

    Every American who looks to mainstream propaganda should realize this by now!

    If a new natural or inexpensive cancer treatment is publicized, grave warnings are issued by the cancer industry (FDA, AMA, NCI). For example, there are medical doctors and others who have openly discussed effective natural remedies — and for this they are listed on the website. Even Suzanne Somers is on this site after writing her book “Knockout” about alternative cancer treatments.

    The myth that cancer can’t be cured, or is very difficult to cure, is tied to this war on quacks. This “quack watch” started before the inception of the American Medical Association in 1847. New college-trained doctors came into prominence during the 1800s amid a land full of “quack” folk doctors and natural remedies. The attack on quacks was, and still is, a war on any natural, inexpensive treatments that cut into the income of the college-trained doctor. In the billion dollar cancer industry, cancer can be treated, but not cured. Naturopaths and others who offer “unconventional” treatments are bad for business and medicine is big business.

    See, most people have become so brainwashed that they are unable to think independently. They have lost their ability to think — to think clearly and without emotion or anger or preconceived concepts. They can’t believe that is it feasible that most cancers are easily curable. They can’t believe that the cancer industry ignores alternative low-cost cancer cures. They say it’s complete nonsense. They say that if a cure were found it would be very lucrative to the pharmaceutical business, and therefore there are no hidden agendas to keep a cure from us.

    Here is some simple logic to start you thinking about the cancer industry.

    Of course, useful logic depends on truthful observations and premises. You decide what is true below.


    Premise: Pharmaceutical companies spend millions to test, manufacture and market their drugs. Typically this runs into hundreds of millions.


    Premise: Pharmaceutical companies normally markup their products from 2000% to 500,000% and expect these immense profits because they have unique, patented products approved by the FDA and AMA.

    Premise: Over the course of their treatment, many patients incur a cost of a few hundred thousand dollars, or more.


    Premise: Many thousands are employed in, or associated with, the cancer industry (the FDA, AMA, healthcare providers, ACS, NCI, drug companies, pharmacists, etc.). The CEOs and staff don’t ever expect to have their paychecks reduced. (e.g. Pfizer, Inc. alone has 114,000 employees earning 48 billion gross, with 8 billion net profits.)

    Premise: Many millions are funneled into Washington to protect drug company profits. (For example, Pfizer spent 5.4 million dollars just in the last quarter of 2009 lobbying to protect its products and commercial interests.


    Premise: The various conventional treatments for cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery, etc.) all do nothing to cure cancer because they address symptoms only. The root cause is not a primary concern.

    Premise: Tumor reduction or removal is the primary focus of the cancer industry.


    Premise: Natural remedies for disease already exist and are freely available in nature. Hence, they are not patentable property of any person or business.

    Premise: Some natural plants and compounds have been discovered and proven to relieve or eliminate certain physical maladies, including cancer, but at a much lower selling price. (Aloe vera, aspirin, garlic, vitamin C, sodium chlorite, etc.)


    Therefore, there may be potential natural, low-cost cures for cancer that, if discovered and made public would crush the profit base of the current multi-billion dollar cancer industry.

    After doing some research, you can add this:

    There are clearly and have been for many years natural cancer cures. Start reading today. Once you educate yourself, you will know this to be a fact.

    “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud, and that the National Cancer Institute [NCI] and the American Cancer Society [ACS] are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.”

    — Linus Pauling, Ph.D., two-time Nobel Laureate

    In any business, information is guarded. Competition is attacked. Marketing focuses on profits, not people. So for your health’s sake, do some research. There are many medical books in your library under the Dewey section 610 (and 610 of the library’s Reference area.)

    There are many dozens of books that explain why cancer can’t be cured. Many written by medical doctors, scientists, ex-cancer industry insiders, and former healthcare workers.

    Source by John Eriksen


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