Confusion- A Symptom of Hypertension

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    Confusion is the result of a sudden mental malfunction associated with the inability to focus attention. It is a general symptom of brain dysfunction caused by many factors such as neurological, metabolic and even circulatory. The most common of the factors are the neurological disorders. One neurological disorder that can have effects to the circulatory system is the idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

    Idiopathic intracranial hypertension is a neurological disorder characterized by elevated intracranial pressure, headache, papilledema, visual acuity and field loss without any neurologic abnormality in an otherwise healthy individual. It could be a severe case of a syndrome.

    Why is this form of hypertension related to confusion? The symptoms brought about by this disorder would lead a human to a sudden loss of ability to focus attention. The blood pressure in the brain is elevated thus the normal function of a man is disrupted or even jeopardized. Confusion is a symptom of brain dysfunction. The brain has lots of nerve endings and blood-carrying capillaries. The blood carries food to the brain which is the oxygen. When the circulatory system is malfunctioned, the brain is also affected. It is a common symptom of a victim of hypertension to experience severe headache making him unable to remain his consciousness.

    Confusion could be a mild or severe symptom of hypertension. Visual acuity and the inability to focus one’s state of mind are among the common signs of an individual having a mental and emotional stress. Stress, which is sometimes work-related, could eventually lead to heart failure.

    How to free one from confusions and stresses that can eventually bring him severe heart ailments is a popular query? In these modern times where men are doing constant activities, stress triggers are always there. Humans have many priorities to focus on. The focus is distorted when they are heavily stressed-out. The deadly effect of stress is an eye-opener to humans. It is important that one should take care of himself. A better way to do this is through relaxation.

    Relaxation is the key to a balanced well-being. A relaxed mind is free from confusions. The brain is functioning at a better pace when it is relaxed. Viewing the beauty of nature, visiting the church, spiritual worship, meditations and exercise are some of the examples to de-stress oneself. Hypertension could be prevented when one knows how to feel his body and relax it.

    A confused mind is prone to stress. Stress could lead to hypertension. Hypertension leads to paralysis or even death. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced well-being can curb the ill-effects of hypertension.

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