Cure High Blood Pressure – Try Rebooting Your Brain

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    Recent research indicates that nearly 80 million adults in the U.S.A. suffer from high blood pressure. That’s nearly 1/3 of our population. And when you ask most general medical practitioners what causes high blood pressure-

    Here are some of the responses you may expect:

    · Smoking tobacco

    · Consuming excess caffeine

    · Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

    · Excessive weight or being obese

    · Limited physical activity (couch potato)

    · Excessive salt in your diet

    · Living a stressful lifestyle

    · High cholesterol levels

    · Old age

    · Heredity factors

    · Kidney disease or adrenal and thyroid problems

    In other words high blood pressure or hypertension can be caused by all of the above-or none of the above. If your doctor is being completely honest with you he/she may even say, “I don’t know.”

    What is Hypertension?

    Briefly described, hypertension is described as the pressure exerted against the walls of your arteries. The force that takes place when blood is pumped forward is known as systolic pressure, and diastolic is the lower, relaxed pressure. When measured with an instrument known as a sphygmomanometer, the higher pressure (systolic) should be about 120 or lower, and the lower pressure (diastolic) should be around 80 or lower (these readings represent millimeters of mercury). So 120/80 (120 over 80) is considered normal.

    Don, You Have Hypertension

    My introduction came about some 46 years ago. It was during an insurance physical that Dr. Rod said, “Don, you have hypertension-high blood pressure.”

    “Say what?” I replied. “I’m only 30 years old!”

    Thus began an odyssey or experiments to discover what regimen of prescription drugs would control what has become known as “The Silent Killer.” I have lost track of how many different drugs that different doctors prescribed for me. My drug cocktails included over time: Diuretics. Calcium channel blockers and ace inhibitors. Not once during more than 4 decades of “treatment” did a physician mention any other means of controlling this condition using natural methods.

    Follow the Money

    So why don’t medical doctors suggest treatment other than prescription drugs? Well follow the money folks. Treatment of high blood pressure is a multi-billion dollar business for doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

    And in reality, the root cause of hypertension (whatever it is) isn’t being treated-drugs merely treat the symptoms and do not grant you a cure.

    What About Natural Cures

    Yes… research is ongoing, but the overwhelming thrust of this research is directed at finding new, more effective drugs. Very few health care professionals are directing their energies toward natural cures.

    So why am I not content to accept the inevitable? Why not just shut up and take my drugs. Well folks, I too have been involved in some specific research and what I have discovered so far has been very enlightening.

    Is it a Lack of Training?

    First off, most of today’s physicians were never given any real training in natural methods for curing conditions and diseases while in med school. Drugs are the only way to achieve freedom from what ails us. But only a fool would accept that reasoning. I was on drugs for nearly half a century-so where is my cure? I assure you it was not from drugs.

    I began my research because I heard rumblings from highly educated researchers that the side-effects of many prescription drugs were simply causing me to handle other problems. In brief-ny blood pressure meds were making me sick. On top of this I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about 19 years ago and up until a few months ago I was taking a statin drug. From my own research I learned that statins are causing even more health problems than by high blood pressure meds.

    Here’s a brief summary of drug side effects:

    Blood Pressure Medications-

    Diuretics: Used for the elimination of water and Salt in the body-frequent urination, erectile dysfunction, a marked decrease of potassium (a very necessary mineral for good health), foot and leg cramps, overall weakness or you are easily fatigued.

    Beta Blockers: These drugs slow the heart rate and lower the pressure exerted on the arteries-poor circulation resulting in cold hands and feet, depression, erectile dysfunction, asthma-like symptoms, poor sleep habits.

    ACE Inhibitors (Angiotensin Converting Enzymes): skin rashes, loss of the ability to taste most foods, persist hacking cough.

    Cholesterol Medications-

    Statin Drugs: Prescribed for reducing cholesterol levels in the blood-Headaches, sleep disorders, frequent cramps, muscle aches, flushing of the skin, bouts of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, constipation, memory loss, elevated blood sugar (a threat of pre-diabetes), mental confusion.

    Now imagine if you will, what sort of lifestyle an individual will have if he is taking all of the above? That was me a short time ago.

    Now don’t get me wrong-I am not suggesting you flush all of your blood pressure and anti-cholesterol drugs down the drain. Do not stop taking these drugs until you discuss this with your health care provider.

    Is The Treatment Worse Than the Condition?

    The point I’m trying to make here is that there are better and safer ways to lower your blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol using natural methods.

    I subscribe to a couple of health-related newsletters and little by little I have grown in my knowledge of what natural methods have helped countless suffers around the world. I really had to dig deeply for this information because most health care organizations do not want to take on the big drug manufacturers. Current literature tells me that many folks are simply misdiagnosed with high blood pressure. This is often due to the health care staff are taking your blood pressure improperly and/or you may be suffering from white coat syndrome.

    Reboot Your Brain Using a Focused Break

    One newsletter suggests that through diet and simple exercises, your high blood pressure can be kept under control. The theory here is to “reboot” your brain so that it will not be fooled into thinking that more blood pressure is needed to overcome the messages it is receiving from you internal organs. This technique is based on the discovery that shows how to reverse the brains up and down regulation of blood pressure. This involves giving your brain what is known as a “Focused Break.” This action is based upon meditation, conscious thought plus some simple exercises, and it brings the blood-pressure reading down to a more healthy level. There are several ways to do this, but the best practice is to use specific mind/body exercises that were outlined in a special report. I’ll show you how to access this information below.

    What is “White Coat” Hypertension

    Duke University Study Confirms “White Coat Effect;” Value of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

    “People with hypertension often experience a spike in blood pressure when the reading is taken in a doctor’s office, leaving doctors with inaccurate information to determine the course of treatment, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center and the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center.”

    Researchers at Duke are now recommending that a regular blood pressure check may be far more accurate when done at home. Here are a few tips for getting more accurate blood pressure numbers:

    · Remain at rest for 5-10 minutes before taking your own readings

    · The blood pressure cuff must be properly placed, preferably on the left arm

    · The arm should be comfortably supported-as on an arm of a chair.

    Some researchers suggest taking your pressure readings 3 times per day. I believe this is overkill, My wife and I take our readings once or twice a week. We have a digital sphygmomanometer that is battery operated. Push one button to turn it on, and then push another button to automatically inflate the cuff and take the reading. Our device also has a memory feature to show previous readings.

    Source by Don Penven


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