Diabetes Mellitus: All You Need to Know

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    The Diabetes Mellitus is a permanent and chronic disease that affects how the body utilizes the blood sugar. The blood sugar or glucose provides energy to the cells that make up the tissues and muscles in the body. The fact is that glucose is an imperative source of energy for the functions of the brain respectively.

    The number of people getting affected by Diabetes is increasing each year. Well, the lifestyle that is being followed these days certainly increases the chances of having it at a young age for sure. You would be also wondering whether you may get affected now or in the later part of your life. But in case you have diabetes, this means that too much glucose is accumulating in the blood that may trigger other health problems.

    Types of Diabetes Mellitus

    First of all you should know that there are three different types of Diabetes which have different causes and even impact differently as well.

    Type 1 Diabetes: Basically, this kind of diabetes is insulin-dependent diabetes that primarily occurs in childhood.

    Type 2 Diabetes: This is the most common form of diabetes that occurs in adults worldwide. Often it is the milder type of diabetes but can lead to severe health problems if not treated properly.

    Gestational Diabetes: This kind of diabetes gets triggered during pregnancy and results in insulin resistance in the female.

    Causes and Treatment of Diabetes

    A. Type 1:

    The Type 1 Diabetes may be caused by the affect of faulty beta cells in the pancreas that normally produce the insulin. In this regard, the body attacks its own pancreases with the antibodies. Or else it can be caused by the genetic predisposition as well.


    If you or anyone is suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, then you need to take insulin that gets injected via the skin towards the fatty tissue present below. Insulin can be taken in the following ways;

    – Syringes

    – Insulin Pens

    – jet Injectors

    – Insulin pumps

    B. Type 2:

    If someone is having Type 2 diabetes then his pancreas is not producing the insulin properly. This means that either the amount of insulin produced is insufficient, or the body's cells are resistant to it.


    There is no cure for the type 2 Diabetes, but it can be controlled through better diet plan, exercise, and weight management respectively. All such activities will help to keep the blood sugar normal that otherwise can create severe health problems that include kidney failure, and heart disease.

    C. Gestational Diabetes:

    During the stage of pregnancy, it occurs that the placenta produces hormones to sustain the pregnancy. But these hormones tend to make the cells more resistant towards insulin.

    Normally, the pancreases respond to the resistance by producing sufficient insulin but it may happen that the insulin is still not enough. When such scenario occurs, very little glucose gets inside the cells and too much remains in the blood that leads to gestational diabetes.


    A pregnant lady can manage gestational diabetes through the help of her gynecologist or health care team in the following manner.

    Daily exercise.

    Controlling pregnancy weight gain .

    Careful meal planning that will ensure adequate pregnancy nutrients .

    An Anake of diabetes insulin to control blood sugar levels if needed.

    Diabetes or No Diabetes: What Lifestyle to follow

    Anyone will get worried if he or she knows about the complications and risks associated with diabetes. If someone is unable to control diabetes, he becomes susceptible to the following diseases in the long run.

    – Nerve Damage

    – Kidney Damage

    – Cardiovascular Disease

    – Foot Damage

    – Eye Impairment

    – Skin Problems

    – Hearing Impairment

    – Alzheimer's Disease

    It is pretty tough for those to control diabetes, but they need to follow the treatment according to the type they are experiencing respectively.

    If you are not suffering from diabetes, this does not mean that you will never think about it. Or that you would continue following the routine of having snacks, too much meat or less exercise. Well, this sort of habit will eventually create the risks and complications of diabetes in you. Scary, isn't it?

    You need to remain fit and strong to prevent diabetes from happening sooner or none at all. This would mean changing the lifestyle altogether through the given below tips;

    – Making exercise a daily habit. Exercise is the best form of physical activity that helps a person to lose weight, keep his blood sugar normal and even boosts the sensitivity towards insulin.

    – Eating a healthy and balanced diet. By a balanced diet, it simply does not mean completely omitting fats or carbohydrates from the food. You need to act wisely by having foods high in fiber and even eating some whole grains from time to time. These can include beans, vegetables, fruits, bread, pasta, and cereals.

    Source by Aleena Afzal


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