Green Lipped Mussel: Blood Pressure Alternative Treatment

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    High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic medical condition involving your heart and the level of your blood pressure. It is an arterial disease which manifests abnormality in the rate of your HBP. This is a serious medical condition that needs to be treated.

    When high blood pressure is neglected, it may eventually progress into other more serious cardiovascular diseases, or trigger a heart attack. Green lipped mussel blood pressure treatment is a common alternative approach to treating high blood pressure.

    The causes of HBP are not exactly known but there are various factors that may contribute to the onset of its symptoms: unhealthy diet that are too salty or high in cholesterol, destructive habits such as smoking and drinking, stress and over-fatigue, or a genetic predisposition to hypertension.

    Hypertension is often referred to as “the silent killer” because there are no observable symptoms that slowly progress, as with other diseases. In fact, there are people suffering from HBP and don’t even know it.

    There are many ways to control HBP. You can start by maintaining a healthy diet. Also cut back on sodium intake, fatty and greasy foods, avoid all-nighters and overly stressful activities, avoid a sedentary lifestyle through moderate yet regular exercise, and get rid of unhealthy habits.

    Aside from doctor prescribed medication, you may also try an alternative approach. A good suggestion would be green lipped mussel for high blood pressure. You can include green lipped mussel supplements in your daily regimen to help regulate your cholesterol level.

    Green lipped mussels contain a high amount of the uniquely combined Omega 3 fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health and helps maintain your blood pressure to a normal level. Omega 3 fatty acids are also natural blood thinners which helps regulate the blood flow and ease the pressure on your heart as it pumps blood all throughout your body.

    A quality green lipped mussel supplement will help keep your HBP at bay as it has well preserved green shell mussel contents that will help with the regular functions of your cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

    You do not have to worry about contraindications with your other medicines, if you are taking any. Regular and prolonged use of green shelled mussel supplements may even help you lower the dosage of your maintenance medicine or help you get off it completely. You may discuss using green lipped mussel for high blood pressure with your doctor to confirm the safety of taking it along with other medications. Just know that it is the best and safest natural approach to treating HBP.

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