High Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk – How Dangerous Are They?

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    High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious problem by which people must give proper attention and prompt treatment. It is a condition that interrupts with the proper flow and distribution of blood to the organs of the body. In hypertension there is too much pressure within the blood vessels and there is a presence of vasoconstriction.

    Not having a normal pressure within the walls of the vessels can affect the heart, kidney and brain that are very vital in living. It can lead to different complication such as haemorrhage or blood clot that can lead to stroke.

    Hypertension and stroke risk are always connected with each other. That’s why people must be aware of this problem so that they may find ways to control and prevent its occurrence because stroke sometimes leads to death.

    Stroke is a disease caused by a disrupted supply of blood to the brain. Lesser blood could also lead to less supply of oxygen, thereby causing brain damage. A little second of absence of oxygen within the brain cells can lead to complications. High blood pressure and stroke risk damage the person not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

    Strokes can affect a person’s memory, vision, movement, and sometimes can cause paralysis on certain body parts. High blood pressure leads to damage and weakness of arteries. Therefore, this condition may result to aneurysm or clog and blood clot that make you prone to stroke.

    There are two kinds of stroke. The first one is the Ischemic stroke, which is due to clog and narrow blood vessels resulting from high blood pressure. That’s why brain cells cannot receive enough supply of blood and oxygen. Also, high blood pressure can lead to rupture of blood vessels that flow within the space of the brain and skull. This condition is known as hemorrhagic stroke.

    Warning signs of stroke due to hypertension includes numbness on any parts of the body, difficulty in understanding conversations, visual changes, dizziness, confusion, and loss of consciousness. Stroke and high blood pressure are both life threatening. Thus, people must be knowledgeable enough to know about these issues. High blood pressure and stroke risk can be easily controlled if people are well-informed.

    Avoiding sedentary lifestyle such as lack of exercises, stressful life, smoking, and too much alcohol is very helpful in maintaining optimum level of health and preventing hypertension. Foods also affect pressure of blood within the blood vessels. So, high cholesterol and high salt diet must be stopped. Having a healthy heart with proper blood circulation is very important to survive and live longer.

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