How To Identify The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder (Mania & Depression)

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    Bipolar Disorder involves problems with the emotions that can deeply affect your mental and physical health. It is a disease that can be present in anyone who develops the signs and symptoms of it.

    The symptoms are sub-categorized into two components: mania and depression.

    Here are the following symptoms of mania:

    1. A sudden growth in self-worth and the act of being lavish.

    2. Little needs to have a good sleep. Someone with this symptom would feel that he or she had rested enough even with only three hours of sleep.

    3. Becomes a bigger chatterbox than usual.

    4. Develops a feeling that his or her mind keeps pacing up

    5. Tends to get unfocused. He or she will pay more attention to things that are less essential rather than things that he or she ought to pay more attention to.

    6. A sudden growth in involvement in activities that have an aim to achieve be it in school or work.

    7. Tends to get too pro-active in too many activities, probably to preoccupy his or her mind from the sorrows and pains that he or she does not wish to think about.

    Here are the following symptoms of depression:

    1. Being moody and less cheerful throughout almost the whole day.

    2. Does not find any keen interest to take part in any activity. He or she just

    wants to lay down and do nothing except to ponder on anything that is causing this depression.

    3. A drastic increase or decrease in weight and appetite.

    4. Will either have little sleep or too much of sleep.

    5. Tends to get easily irritated.

    6. Tends to get easily exhausted and less energetic.

    7. Develops a feeling of low self-esteem. He or she would feel useless and feel guilty over everything that surrounds him or her, even though it is totally not his or her fault.

    8. Tendency to be fickle-minded. He or she would lack of focus in whatever that needs to be done, and would not be able to make decisions well.

    9. Always have the urge to commit suicide.

    Bipolar Disorder is a serious illness that can affect the way you live your life, as well as your dearest ones who would constantly have to worry about your condition. It should definitely not be taken for granted. Fortunately, it is treatable. So if you notice that you develop the following symptoms, you can still do something to prevent yourself from Bipolar Disorder.

    It is advisable to relate your problems and emotional roller coasters to a professional and get yourself treated as soon as possible.If you have a loved one whom you think is facing this problem, you can do your part by getting him or her to seek professional help.

    Some say that emotional illnesses are much harder to handle compared to physical illnesses. But no matter what, emotional illnesses can still be cured if you make an effort to cure them. Bipolar Disorder is no exception. Problems cannot be avoided, but you can make sure that these problems do not bring you down.

    So get help today and start a new and better life.

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