How to Treat Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) Naturally?

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    It’s important to have normal blood pressure in our body for normal survival. We hear lot about. hypertension nowadays because of increased stress in life, but one can not ignore hypotension. Normal blood pressure in medical terms is 120/80 mm Hg, and any people with blood pressure noticeably below that can be said have hypotension. Ex. a person with 80/55 mm Hg is suffering from hypotension. Sudden or too much drop in blood pressure can leads to mal-functioning of heart and can lead to death.

    When the blood flow in veins and arteries is low at the time of hypotension, body organs are not able to receive oxygen in adequate amount which is needed for their functioning. Body organs like heart, brain, kidney and eye needs oxygen regularly for functioning and can be damaged mildly or completely in absence of oxygen for substantial time. It generally happens due to extreme weakness, dilation in blood vessel and flabbiness.

    Out of many few of the possible reasons giving rise to hypotension in a person are diabetes, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, low blood sugar etc. some times it ma happen as a result of side-effects of certain medicines or overdose of medicines for hypertension. Irregular heart beats, heat stroke and liver malfunctioning can also contribute towards hypotension. Other general reasons includes high or low body temperature, loss of blood, sepsis, disease of hurt muscle, blood infection, heart failure and severe dehydration.

    As a result of hypotension, patient usually feels symptoms like fatigue, fainting, vertigo, nausea, over exertion, transient blurring of vision, extreme confusion, mental disturbances and breathlessness. These symptoms become normal with blood pressure getting normal.

    To avoid such situation one can refer to home remedies for hypotension listed below:

    1. Water is a medicine in itself for so many problems. Drinking lot of water avoids the situation whereby dehydration decreases blood volume and causes drop in blood pressure. Drinking every hour a glass of water can safe body from being dehydrated.

    2. A quick remedy fo hypotension is 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of water. It is recommended at the time of hypotension.

    3. Raisins are a very good home remedy for hypotension since it helps in keeping blood pressure normal. Having raisin for about a month after soaking them in water for whole night. These raisins should be chews properly before being swallowed.

    4. Almond soaked in water for whole night are them drinking its paste in warm milk also helps to keep blood pressure in the normal range.

    5. Sugar cane juice, roasted groundnuts and sweetened milk of boil dates are also recommended for hypotension.

    6. Wheatgrass which is supposed to be energy provider also works for normalizing blood pressure. Its juice should be taken when fresh for good results.

    7. In winters 2-4 gram of guggul in hot milk also works good.

    Disclaimer: these are general home remedies and should not be completely substitute the doctor instruction. One should not have these items if allergic to them. These home remedies for hypotension are general and performs goods but we do not hold responsibility for the same.

    Source by Patrick Kimberly


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