If PSA Is Rising Consider Natural Supplements Says New Studies

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    University Studies on Prostate Health

    With prostate cancer affecting increasing numbers of men in the United States, a great many university studies have been conducted into the causes of this potentially life-threatening disease. In the search for a cure, a number of these studies have come across several naturally-occurring plant extracts that appear to have beneficial effects on PSA levels and may be useful in promoting prostate health.

    PSA, or Prostate Specific Antigen, is a substance produced by the prostate gland. While all men have small amounts of PSA in their blood stream, elevated levels have been associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, which is commonly referred to as enlarged prostate. In addition, high levels of PSA in the blood stream have been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer, especially in men over 50.

    Natural Supplements Demonstrate Potential Prostate Benefits:

    The following naturally-occurring ingredients have exhibited beneficial properties, according to university laboratory studies on prostate tumor cells. Nutraceuticals containing these extracts may be indicated in supporting men's prostate health.

    • White Button Mushroom Extract – The extract of this edible mushroom has been shown to successfully inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells; the targeted cells subsequently experienced increased rates of apoptosis, leading to tumor death in vitro, as well as in vivo in experimental mice in a study performed at the Beckham Research Institute.

    • Sang Huang Mushroom Extract – A recent Harvard Medical School study revealed that the extract of the Sang Huang mushroom, or phellinus linteus, effectively reduced the rate of prostate cancer cell growth in laboratory mice and caused tumor regression, or reduction in the size of the tumors.

    • African Plum Tree Bark Extract – The bark of the African plum tree (pygeum africanum), which has been shown to be effective in treating enlarged prostate, has also exhibited favorable results in a university laboratory study into its effects on prostate cancer cells. This study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia, demonstrated that mice that were given an extract of pygeum africanum had a reduced incidence of prostate cancer.

    Preventing prostate problems and other men's health issues depends in part on making the right lifestyle choices. Eating right, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy body weight, minimizing alcohol consumption and avoiding the use of tobacco products are indicated for optimum men's health. The natural products mentioned in this article should be considered beneficial to men who have rising PSA, cancer diagnosis, or enlarged prostate.

    Source by John Dugan


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