Know the Cervical Cancer Symptoms

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    Women must know the importance of how danger cervical cancer is. It is the most dangerous silent disease that starts with the symptoms. Early recognition with the symptoms is the only way to start with the early treatment before it gets worst. The earlier the treatment; the greater is the chance for a cure. But how are we going to know the cervical cancer symptoms? Cervix is the part that connects the uterus to the vagina in the lower part of your womb or uterus. It is the constricted neck of the uterus which distends during parturition. Knowing the cervical cancer and its stages is essential for a woman in order to keep away from dangers of this disease.

    In concerning the treatment it must have the importance of knowing the stages of cervical cancer. There are diagnostic tests and exams to find out the stages of this cancer.

    These are the different stages of cervical cancer:

    Tis – it is the cancer cell where the detection of it is only detected on the cervix’s surface but deeper on tissue parts.

    Stage 1 Cervical cancer (T1) – the growing of cancer cells in the uterus and it attacks deeper in the tissues of the cervix. The cancer at this condition has not entered thoroughly the cervix and the uterus.

    Stage 2 Cervical cancer (T2) – it may be more dangerous because cancer cells are now beyond the uterus and cervix and there is a great chance to damage the vaginal upper parts. During this stage the spreading of it hasn’t entered to the pelvic walls or to the vagina’s lower parts.

    Stage 3 Cervical cancer (T3) -in this stage, there is the spreading of cancer cells to the pelvic walls and/or to the lower part of the vagina. There is a big possibility of blocking the ureters and the tubes that take urine from the kidney to bladder.

    This disease will cause a great pain to the person who is suffering, the abnormal bleeding that can be light or heavy during monthly menstruation. There is smelly, watery, thick mucus in the vagina which is unusual heavy discharge. The sharp pains aching during menstrual cycle and can be mild or more severe. The pain that is so painful while urinating that usually gives uncomforted urination. And the extreme bleeding of menstrual periods and even bleeding after sexual intercourse. A person suffering this dangerous disease may encounter anemic due to the extreme bleeding of vagina and there are occurring pelvic, back and leg pain. During using restroom you’ll be noticing that there is fecal matter on the vagina due to the blockage of the ureter or from the kidney. This is the result of abnormal opening which occurs in the vagina, rectum or bladder. Most people who suffered this disease lose weight for they lose appetite because of cancer treatments.

    Getting to know cervical cancer symptoms is the best choice in order to be free from danger of the risks of this deadly cancer. The awareness of this silent disease which could be fatal must have proper information, by knowing the appropriate procedures of keeping free from this ailment, knowing the symptoms and the stages of this disease, and the exact treatment for this. By this information you’ll know how to be free from this ailment and gives awareness of everyone how deadly cervical cancer is.

    Source by Roxann Park


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