Sinusitis Vision Problems and Fixes

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    Sinusitis is an infection of the sinus cavities that are found in the area of the cheeks, eyes and forehead. Some severe infections can cause inflammation, pain, and even visual problems for the individual. Left untreated for a prolonged period of time, sinusitis can lead to permanent damage to the eye.

    One of the most common reasons for blurred vision during a sinus infection is a blockage of the ducts found in the lower lid. When these ducts become so inflamed that they do not allow for drainage, mucous and excess water pools in the eyes, causing vision to become blurred. In rare cases, the ethmoid sinus is blocked and pressure increases, which causes the eye to become difficult to move. Even more rare is the formation of an abscess around the eye, which can cause permanent damage and possibly visual damage as well.

    The maxillary sinus is located just under each cheek, above the teeth, on both sides of the nose. The ethmoid sinuses run along both sides of the nose, between the eyes and the nose. The sphenoid sinus are set the deepest, and are located behind the eyes, and the frontal sinuses are located above the eyes in the forehead. These four sinuses are the four major sinus cavities in the skull and represent the most common areas of infection; hence the reason we suffer with pain in our eyes and foreheads when we suffer a sinus infection. This pain is made worse when we bend down, and the pain can also be accompanied by post nasal drip.

    While antibiotics can help treat your sinus infection, there are other more natural ways to remedy this problem. One of those choices is the use of an all natural Neti Pot. A Neti Pot is a plastic container, similar to that of a tiny tea pot. A salt water or saline solution is mixed per instructions, and the water is washed through the sinuses via the nose to irrigate the nasal passages. This process is very effective in loosening mucous and relieving pressure.

    The use of a Neti pot can help relieve symptoms of blurred vision, watery eyes, pain, and post nasal drip. It does take some getting used to, but use of a Neti pot is highly effective. Neti pots were introduced to the United States over thirty years ago, but have been used in India for years.

    Sinusitis is a miserable condition that can cause severe pain, discomfort or even visual problems for the individual. There are some options to consider before turning to antibiotics, which can cause other problems, and the use of a Neti pot is one of those options.

    Source by Robert Jeffries


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