Stage 1 Hypertension – What is it and What Can I Do?

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    So you’ve known you’ve had high blood pressure for some time now. Maybe it didn’t come as a big surprise because you have a family history. But when the doctor diagnosed you with stage 1 hypertension and put you on medication, suddenly this became a real condition. A condition that comes with real health threats.

    Maybe you were like most of us and were so shocked at the stage 1 hypertension diagnoses that you didn’t ask your doctor the questions you should have asked. After all you’ve just been delivered not real good news and typically you only have 15 minutes with your doctor before you’re out the door and another patient comes in.

    As you read this article you’ll learn the definition of the condition, what normal treatment is, and a way to not only control it but cure it and free yourself from high blood pressure drugs.

    First, what is the definition of stage 1 hypertension? This level of high blood pressure is defined as a systolic and diastolic blood pressure reading equal to or greater than 140/90 to a reading not to exceed 160/100. Typically you won’t be officially diagnosed with stage 1 until you have had two pressure readings typically two months apart.

    The good news is this is still considered a low risk phase of hypertension. But don’t fool yourself. This is a disease that kills over 50,000 people a year and usually has no outward symptoms. Having high blood pressure is not a condition you can live with forever. It must be controlled or reversed to live a normal lifetime.

    Your doctor will probably start you on a Thiazide diuretic which is the most common and least expensive drug therapy for hypertension. The diuretic will flush sodium and excess water from your kidney and also prevent the absorption of sodium. You should be alert to the possible side effects of fatigue, frequent urination, impotency, constipation or lightheadedness. Report these to your doctor so he can adjust the dosage.

    Understand that hypertension pharmaceuticals are a numbers game. Your prescription will probably be adjusted any number of times until the right mix is found.

    Perhaps now that you are no longer pre-hypertensive but officially have hypertension, the threat of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure or blindness might be a little more real to you. Maybe now you might start taking what your doctor said about changes in lifestyle more serious as well.

    That would be a good idea don’t you think?

    It is possible to not only control your hypertension but to cure it. You can do that if you want to, and you can do it without drugs. You don’t have to become a health fanatic or a vegan or change everything about your life all at once. But you do have to start somewhere.

    High blood pressure can be controlled naturally through a healthy diet, exercise, and better control of stress in your life. If you did jump in with both feet into a holistic program to reduce pressure, you could be back to normal inside of two weeks. No more disease to worry about, no more side effects, no more pills to buy.

    But most people can’t do that. Changing lifetime habits does not happen over night. But you can make a start. First, learn as much as you can about how a holistic program works. Then pick one or two areas that you can change without going into withdrawal.

    Maybe salt isn’t really that big of a thing in your life. Take the shaker off the table. That’s a simple thing to do but the more powerful thing to do is learn where you are getting your salt. Did you know that a Big Mac has more sodium than a large order of fries?

    Knowing where that salt is and avoiding it is far more effective than just not sprinkling it on your food.

    Maybe you can’t spare 30 minutes in the morning to go for a brisk walk everyday. But did you know you can get the same benefit by breaking it down to three 10 minute sessions? Say like walking to lunch, walking back and then start parking your car 10 minutes from work.

    It’s time you take responsibility for your health. You’ve ignored it for too long. Having this stage 1 hypertension diagnoses may be just the thing to motivate you towards a longer healthier life.

    Source by Rachel Willson


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