The ADHD and Sugar Debate – What Else Can You Be Doing to Treat ADHD?

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    When it comes to ADHD and sugar, it has long been a matter of debate whether sugar really does play a role in this common childhood disorder or not.

    Some studies suggest that sugar can aggravate ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention while there are also studies saying that sugar does not affect ADHD patients in any way. The link between ADHD and sugar remains a question as there are still many issues that remain unanswered.

    There are parents of ADHD children who say that when their child eats sugary foods, they can observe an increase in the symptoms of ADHD. There is even an ADHD diet which is considered to be an effective way to manage ADHD by following a diet where certain foods like sugar, caffeine, and salt are avoided and focus on intake of foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables is encouraged.

    While the debate about the link between ADHD and sugar is far from over, there are other ways you can manage ADHD symptoms aside from avoiding sugar. These include prescription medications, homeopathic remedies, behavior therapy, and yoga.

    The use of prescription medications is the most conventional way to treat ADHD symptoms. Doctors usually prescribe medications to ADHD patients. However, these drugs can actually cause serious side effects like stunted growth and anorexia.

    There are also risks associated with the used of these medications and once the medication loses effect, the symptoms come back as before.

    Homeopathic remedies are becoming increasingly popular with a steady increase in its use. These are remedies made with natural ingredients that are safe, especially for children. Homeopathic remedies do not have side effects and are non-addictive.

    Ingredients like hyoscyamus and verta alb are proven to be effective in controlling ADHD symptoms like restlessness, disruptive behavior, hyperactivity, and fidgeting. It can take some time before the effects of homeopathic remedies can be observed, although the wait is well worth it.

    As well as being safe and as effective as prescription ADHD drugs, homeopathic remedies are also much less costly.

    Behavior therapy and yoga are other ways to manage ADHD. Behavior therapy includes positive reinforcement, social skills training, and family therapy. Yoga is also said to benefit those with ADHD as it helps with relaxation and promotes balance in the brain.

    The ADHD and sugar debate may be far from being over but there are other options to choose from. Just remember that in choosing a treatment for ADHD, always consider your child’s safety first.

    Source by Shannon Pollock


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