Tips For Smooth Transition Through College

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    The college experience is one which is surrounded by many personal and family related financial sacrifices; which underpin the student's overall academic and career related expectations. As a result; if you are a new student you must reasonalbly take the necessary legal, academic, security, health realted and other contingencies into consideration.

    Most of the major college campuses around the world, cover large expanses of land. These colleges are essentially made to be mini-societies, which offer most of the core services that students, members of staff and administration usually need on a day-to-day basis.

    One core service that is offered is health centers and clinics. If you are diagnosed with a serious, chronic illness, and you commute or reside on campus, it is advised that you keep in close correspondence with the doctors, nurses and staff, and schedule regular check-ups and follow-ups. Hypertension, and epilepsy are examples of such diseases which can be aggravated with the onset of stress and fatigue, and which must be treated with the utmost care.

    One other contingency for such diseases, is that you should commit to an exercise regime and a supporting well-balanced diet, or one specifically prescribed for your condition.

    You should also make it your duty to know the rules of your college and other codes of conduct. In terms of personal security measures. My college frequently publishes a brochure which briefs the population on recent trends in kidnappings, theft and other personal security issues, along with ways to keep safe. Access those details at your own college.

    Members of the academic staff at my university, also encourage students to do a credit check ever year or semester. This is recommended as, some students may be doing courses which are not necessary to complete a major. In this case many students are sometimes presented with the shocking and disheartening news that, "you have not been awarded your degree because you have not done all of the required courses". A revelation such as this, may mean an extra semester, or even year at worst. This will ultimately translate in you or your parents spending thousands of hard-earned dollars.

    Also, as a rule of thumb, you need to save all your receipts from transactions and also letters of correspondence between you and your university. These will help you to be legally right in a case where they have lost such information. After all a receipt is a by and large a legal document.

    There are many other considerations which you may be able to come up with on your own. Ultimately, they are all geared toward your total upkeep and well-being.

    Source by Pedro Whyte


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