Top 5 Allergy Concerns for the Winter

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    The brutal summer is over, a relatively mild fall is upon us; allergy season must be long gone as winter descends. Okay, that should be it, right? That is the hope for the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies to pollens, plants, dander, and the gamut of other allergens that could negatively affect their quality of life. However, the winter is by no means the time to relax in regards to allergy relief; in fact, quite the opposite.

    While your environment may change, sensitivity to harmful allergens does not. There are a whole slew of potentially harmful allergens in the winter that allergy relief must address. The following breaks down the top five allergens to protect against this winter season.

    Summer Allergens

    Just because the ground is covered in snow doesn’t mean that that summer allergens are gone. Dead insects, dust, dirt, fungi, and other allergens can compile in unused air ducts and ventilation systems. When you turn the heater on for the winter, it could potentially kick up the allergens and circulate them around your home through the duct system. Enlist an HVAC service that offers duct repair and cleaning for optimal allergy relief.


    The dampness of the season, especially in poorly repaired basements, makes the unequipped home a breeding ground for mold. Mold is a powerful allergen. Clean mold out of corners with your strongest disinfectants; be as thorough as possible. Also, pay particular attention if you own a real Christmas tree. While many people believe they are allergic to the evergreens, they are in fact having a reaction to the molds that may remain on the tree from the outside, or grow at the watered base.


    People aren’t really allergic to a pet per-say; it’s the pet’s residue (to put it bluntly) that is the allergen. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in confined spaces with your pets during the winter. Make sure that they stay clean and healthy so that the dander they produce doesn’t make the winter any worse. Dead skin, dead fur, urine, all of that needs to be cleaned and managed while you spend the long winter indoors.


    The holiday season is a big time for parties and socializing. You’re going to be seeing friends and family that you do not see often, and you’re probably going to be meeting many new people too. Take it easy on the cologne, perfume, and lotions. Some people have allergic reactions to these cosmetics, and isn’t subtlety the way to go anyways? Use the minimal amount to make sure you don’t set off anyone’s reaction at a holiday function.


    Food allergies can be very hard to plan for. If you’re unsure if you have a food allergy, consult an allergy doctor immediately for allergy testing. Allergy testing will let you know what substances, if any, you should avoid at holiday parties. When planning a party, make food options available for people that are allergic to some of the major concerns; e.g. egg whites, gluten, peanuts, and seafood.

    Source by Mary A Dresway


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