What Are the High Blood Pressure Symptoms?

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    Did you know that 1 out of every 3 Americans above the age of 21 is suffering from high blood pressure?

    No, that’s not even the alarming statistic.

    What is scary is that almost 40% of people who are indeed suffering from high blood pressure don’t even know they are enduring the said medical condition.

    Such lack of knowledge can be disastrous. Worse, it can be fatal for the subject. High blood pressure, or hypertension as it is known in the medical world, is labeled as the “silent killer,” the “treacherous disease,” and even the “curse of Judas,” mainly because it attempts to take one’s like away without warning.

    But the signs are there.

    There are high blood pressure symptoms that should call any person’s attention even before the subject can measure his systolic and diastolic levels to verify a hypertensive episode.

    What are these high blood pressure symptoms?

    There are common symptoms of hypertension. These usually become manifest if the systolic and/or diastolic blood pressure level/s is/are 20 points higher than normal. These symptoms are:

    – Vision getting blurry.

    – Headache.

    – Dizziness that is relatively manageable.

    – Throbbing on the nape area, when such pain is not attributable to muscular or skeletal causes.

    These symptoms may not appear to be grave, but they point to a dire medical condition that should be attended to IMMEDIATELY. Just because such high blood pressure symptoms do not, generally, impair one’s normal activities doesn’t mean they should be ignored.

    There are high blood pressure symptoms, however, that are quite alarming that they demand instant action. These symptoms point to a diastolic blood pressure reading above 140 mm Hg. Depending on the presence of other risk factors, such a blood pressure level can lead to very perilous consequences. What are these grave hypertension symptoms?

    – Nausea, one that is threatening to cause the subject to lose his consciousness.

    – Extremely painful headache that may induce vomiting, seeming deafness, and/or impaired vision.

    – Dizziness/Lightheadedness that causes disorientation.

    Proper education on how to treat hypertension when such symptoms become manifest is critical in curing the condition and, most probably, saving the life of the subject. When the blood pressure level reaches very alarming measurements, certain remedies must be employed to stabilize the subject’s readings.

    Medication, of course, is the number one option for most people, given the fact that antihypertensives are easily procurable and readily available.

    However, if one is not familiar with the medical history of the subject, then resorting to medication can be as dangerous as allowing the hypertension episode to pass.

    Source by Oscar Orihuela


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